Friday, 25 September 2015

Markus Lupfer | London Fashion Week SS16

A barren wasteland comes to life... The idea of endless arid landscapes interrupted by lush nature inspires an image of playful versus moody femininity.

I could barely wait to show you these pictures that I took of the Marcus Lupfer SS16 presentation at London Fashion Week. It was by far my favourite collection that I got the chance to see first hand, with an absolutely beautiful setting, truly amazing designs and some super funky sunglasses to boot. 

The luxe fabrication, clean A-line shapes and a colour palette of harsh blacks against taupes, light pinks, and floral accents really reflects the 'moody femininity' vibes that encapsulate the collection.  

I always prefer presentations to actual runway shows as it gives you a chance to get up close and personal to the designs and you can spend as long as you like looking around and soaking up the atmosphere. Marcus Lupfer filled his presentation space with hundreds of flowers scattered around on the floor, which almost gave the effect of the models standing in a meadow. 

The luxurious setting offset the beautiful, intricate craftsmanship of the designs. Sheer fabrics, quirky patchwork and sequin embroidery all featured heavily in the collection and you could really see how much effort had gone into designing and crafting each individual item.



Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Felder Felder | London Fashion Week SS16

Felder Felder is always one of my most anticipated shows at London Fashion Week. This season they held it at Freemason's Hall which is always a little disappointing as the lighting is so bad inside! However, as soon as the first model walked out in that iridescent, tailored suit, all my concerns melted away and I enjoyed a spectacular show as per usual.

The glitz and glam of the opening pieces was dramatic and showstopping, but the rest of the collection featured much more wearable designs. Lots of printed dresses, sheer black ensembles and an abundance of white sporty looks. The collection was very young, very wearable, and very Felder Felder. 

My favourite was the new 'Florida Flamingo' print that featured sporadically throughout the show. With a light blue background against the pale pink of the birds, the Felder girls created a very pretty design which looked perfect on the chiffon dresses it appeared on. Afterwards I kept spotting the Felder Felder BMW driving around London which also featured the pretty flamingo-inspired print. A car to match your dress? Only at Fashion Week...

Block colours in clashing pink and red also made an appearance on 70s style wide leg trousers and drop-waist dresses. Overall, the collection was full of contrasting colours, prints and textures, creating a huge mix of styles. There was definitely something for everyone.

What was your favourite piece from the collection?



Monday, 21 September 2015

J. JS Lee | London Fashion Week SS16

Inspired by hanging street art and the graphic, linear, supportive structure of the 'open birdcage': J JS Lee celebrates freedom, nurturing confidence to represent the designer's new found carefree attitude.

My time at London Fashion Week this season kicked off with a bang thanks to the JS Lee show. It was my first time experiencing the new showspace at Brewer Street car park and it was definitely interesting. I was glad not to be teetering along in very high heels as I made the walk all the way up the very steep ramp, but once inside you're met with the familiar sight of the catwalk and suddenly you forget you're in a car park at all.

The JS Lee show is always one of my favourites. This season we saw her signature minimalist tailoring contrasting against free-spirited, 70s Californian silhouettes. The juxtapositions are supposed to represent the contrasting mix of the JS Lee woman, 'a strong professional with an equally playful relaxed side'. Personality traits that I think we all aspire to.

The patterns and colour palettes at times were bold and bright (not pictured!), with the use of stripes, a micro bird print, candy pinks, powder blues and parrot greens. This reflects JS Lee's new found carefree spirit, and symbolises charting the bird's flight path to freedom.

The shapes were very relaxed and wearable, featuring a lot of mini skirts and short shorts, wide leg trousers and culottes, and sleeveless blazers and soft shirts. I also especially liked the cool shape of the slingback heels used throughout the collection.   

What did you think of JS Lee's designs this season?  



Sunday, 20 September 2015

Day Two | London Fashion Week SS16

Day two of Fashion Week was a pretty chilled one. After eating the most delicious breakfast at Deans Street Townhouse, I popped along to a couple of presentations and shows. Then I pretty much spent the rest of the day having a good ol' chat with my favourites Allie and Sophie, catching up over expensive cocktails and yummy Lebanese food.   

Carrying on with the theme of the weekend, I kept my outfit simple again with a pink suede skirt and a slogan t-shirt. My feet were absolutely killing me from the day before so I gave them a break in my fail-safe ankle boots that they've worn a million times before. They definitely thanked me for it.

The highlight of the day for me was the Marcus Lupfer presentation. Absolutely gorgeous setting, with equally beautiful designs and some killer sunglasses. I can't wait to share all the pictures with you so stay tuned for that blog post!

... and that's a wrap for my time at London Fashion Week this season. Today I'm recovering from one-too-many cocktails and preparing to travel home ready for a day or two of relaxation away from the madness of the fash-un world. This season has definitely been a bit of a weird one. The new location has shaken things up a lot but it was a lot of fun to experience the event in a whole new light. Ciao for now, #LFW!



Saturday, 19 September 2015

Day One | London Fashion Week SS16

After finishing my first day at London Fashion Week SS16, I'm feeling very happy to put my feet up and enjoy a glass of prosecco in the company of my lovely friend Allie, whilst we reminisce over the past 2 years. It seems a little impossible to think we've been through five seasons of fashion week together, and yet here we are.

This time I decided to keep the outfit prep (panic) to a minimum and just stick to simple styles for the weekend. Day one involved one of my favourite combos at the moment - double denim. I chose to pair a simple denim shirt with a pair of cropped flares in a darker wash for a sophisticated but modern take on the trend. I finished off the look with a pair of tan sandals (which were perhaps not such a good idea after all as my feet were absolutely killing me by the end of the day). 

A huge turning point this season was the change in location for the event. After holding fashion week at Somerset House for years and years, the British Fashion Council made the controversial decision to up and move the venue to a trendy car park in SoHo. 

I can't say we were overly keen on the new location. I can see what they're trying to do, but in reality it doesn't work out very well. I much preferred having the courtyard outside Somerset House to hang out in between shows, catch up with friends and get inspired by the street style. In the new location, there just isn't the space to do that, unless of course you don't mind getting run over by oncoming traffic and trampled on by frustrated people working in the area. In my opinion, this kind-of killed the usually buzzing atmosphere of fashion week. 

Other than that (and the painful shoes), we had a great day as usual. I saw two of my favourite designer shows: J. JS Lee and Felder Felder, as well as a super cool minimal presentation by John Smedley, but not until after we popped by the Wearisma lounge to take a well deserved break and refuel for the day. We popped by the usual suspects of Bill's and The Diner whilst we were in the area for some great food and cocktails between shows, before finally heading home to chill out before the madness starts all over again.    

Stay tuned for day two and all the individual show reviews which should be up ASAP.

Are any of you at LFW this season? Let me know and hopefully we'll cross paths!



Friday, 4 September 2015

AW15 Trend Forecast: 60s Mod

Now that festival season is out of the way and summer is coming to an end, I've finally started dreaming about Autumn. With the cooler weather brings cosy evenings indoors, the anticipation of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and of course all the beautiful shades of burgundy arriving in stores. 

After a summer of 70s styling featuring a lot of suede, tassles, fedoras, and flares, right now all I'm thinking about are patent ankle boots, double breasted coats and form fitting high-neck knits. Yep, this season is all about 60s Mod. 

Alexa Chung and Cara Delevingne are two mega babes who seriously know how to rock the 60s look, and ya'll know that if they're doing it, then we're all doing it. To really rock the trend like those two hot potatoes, think mini skirts, leopard print and loads of eyeliner to finish off those super cool Mod vibes.

Are you into the 60s style? What pieces will you be wearing this season? Let me know.


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