Monday, 31 March 2014

Comfort Zones

GEORGE at ASDA gilet
NEW LOOK shoes & cuff
TOPSHOP necklace  

I've recently come to the realisation that I need to incorporate more skirts and dresses into my wardrobe. I'm the kind of girl who would choose trousers (or a jumpsuit) over a dress any day - whether I'm going to uni, going shopping, on a date night, or a night out. Dresses just haven't really been doing it for me anymore!

But, as Spring and Summer are just around the corner, I've decided to embrace them again! Starting with this T shirt style dress from Miss Selfridge. I really love the pattern on it, and the casual shape means it can be rocked both with heels and a clutch for evening or an oversized denim jacket and ankle boots for day time. 

Next on my list is a tropical palm tree print skirt! This kind of print seems to be everywhere at the moment so it's only a matter of time before it seeps into my wardrobe...

Will you be breaking out of any of your comfort zones this S/S? 


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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Brighton Day Trip!

There's something so lovely and nostalgic about Brighton, isn't there? The pier, the deck chairs, the ice creams, the happy people. I just love it. Yesterday I took one of my best friends to the lovely seaside town for the day as a Birthday treat. The weather was absolutely beautiful, I definitely regretted wearing boots and a big denim jacket! We had a relaxed lunch in Bill's and did some damage in MAC and Lush before heading down to the seaside to have a go on the wheel and wander around the pier. Overall, a really lovely day!

I always love visiting Brighton, and every time I go there I fall more in love with the place. It's definitely somewhere that I can see myself living in the future!  

Have you guys ever been? I'd love to know your favourite places to go and things to do for my next trip! 


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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fail Safe Style

TOPSHOP 'Leigh' jeans
RIVER ISLAND leather jacket
ZARA shirt & heels
PRIMARK necklace

We all have those days. The days when we want to look like we've made an effort, but we also don't want to look like we've tried too hard. The days when we want to look professional but we also want to be comfortable. You know, most days.

Basically this outfit is my 'fail safe' look. Black skinny jeans, a crisp white shirt, a comfy pair of heels, and a statement jacket or coat. I feel completely confident in this combination because it's understated but oh so chic at the same time. By simply adding the pink leather jacket to the otherwise monochrome outfit it makes it so much more interesting and bright, but with minimal effort! 

Let me know what your 'fail safe' outfits are!


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Monday, 24 March 2014

Boy Meets Girl

NEW LOOK jeans*
TOPSHOP jacket
DOROTHY PERKINS shoes (very old)

BEHOLD! The most beautifully girly - perfect for weddings - a little over the top - but seriously wow - shoes. 

I bought these a few years ago to wear to a couple of weddings and I recently rediscovered them hiding away at my parents' house. I decided to bring them home with me because I thought they would be the perfect thing to pair with my over-sized boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket (of course), to add a touch of femininity to an otherwise pretty masculine outfit. I love the contrast!

I'd been looking for a pair of jeans like these for absolutely ages, but when you're so used to wearing skinny jeans like I am, it feels a bit unnatural to don a pair that are looser fitting and less structured. I'm happy with this pair though, and I now officially own a pair of jeans that aren't black!

Hope you all have a great week! 


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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Southsea | The Garage Lounge

I have a very love / hate relationship with my home town. There are many aspects of Portsmouth that I don't particularly like, but every now and again I find somewhere that changes my mind and reminds me that actually it's not all that bad.

Most of these places are in Southsea, or Albert Road to be precise. It's definitely my favourite place in Portsmouth full of quirky vintage and antique shops, a few pretty darn cool pubs and bars, and a hell of a lot of places to eat. Now, don't get me wrong, there's pleanty of grim Chinese take-aways and questionable restaurants along Albert Road, but if you know where to look then there is a handful of absolute gems. I'm going to start a little guide-to-Southsea series in which I will be showcasing some of my favourite cafes, shops, and restaurants in the Portsmouth / Southsea area. Starting today, with The Garage Lounge!

The Garage Lounge is a small cafe right on the corner of Albert Road and it's probably best known for its vast range of teas and amazing home made cakes. It also sells all sorts of different coffees and usually has some fresh lemonade or juice in big vats with little taps on. I chose the raspberry and elderflower lemonade this time which arrived with blueberries for garnish. Cute! Alongside the incredible cake creations there is also a food menu with a wide range of fresh, healthy meals, so you can always justify that huge slice of Oreo cake for dessert.

If you're in the Southsea area I highly recommend trying out this cafe, whether you're meeting your friend for coffee and cake, or you're on a low key dinner date with your other half.  

I hope you enjoyed this post - look out for more to come in the future!


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Friday, 14 March 2014

That Primark Co-ord

NEW LOOK top & heels

Oh look! Another blogger wearing THAT Primark co-ord. I remembering featuring this in a little preview post of Primark's SS14 collection a few months back, and I just knew it would be a hit. I think many of us have been looking for the perfect co-ordinating set recently and Primark have finally brought something to the table - thank the lord! I saw this monochrome short and bomber jacket co-ord several times over London Fashion Week, so we can be safe in the knowledge that it's got the fashion elite's seal of approval.

I had every intention of pairing mine with either a black or white crop top, which I still think would look pretty good. However, in an effort to inject more colour into my S/S wardrobe, I decided to throw on this cobalt blue chiffon top instead. I absolutely love the soft silhouette of the flowing shorts and the loose fitting top, and the bright blue colour really makes the outfit pop! 

I think the graphic pattern of the co-ord and bright colour of the top really do the talking on their own, so I kept the shoes and accessories very simple, wearing just my favourite strappy sandals and a simple black pendant.

How would you rock this co-ord this Spring / Summer?


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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

First Glimpse of Spring

MANGO trousers
GEORGE at ASDA leather gilet
BLACK TIED necklace & earrings 
Ahh, one of the many things I love about Spring - blossom trees! I really wanted to get one into my photos today but unfortunately with the pretty tree comes an ugly orange fence. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.
Anyway, finally my Steve Maddens have made their way into a post! I fell in love with these shoes back before Christmas but they only came into my life about a month ago. They're a beautiful colour and go effortlessly well with dresses, trousers, jeans, you name it. Today I paired them with my slouchy Mango trousers and a simple tank that I've had for god knows how many years. I threw on my leather gilet to toughen up the look and tie everything together. I love how the shoes give a colour pop to the outfit, and make the whole thing look a lot less slob-ish than it actually is. 
One rather surprising thing about this outfit is that I'm actually wearing jewellery - how unlike me! I've got a pair of dangle earrings with tiny skulls on the ends, and a very long amethyst pendant on. They're both from Black Tied which sells a whole host of interesting, delicate accessories. If you fancy purchasing something for yourself then you can use the code 'SARAHNUNN' to get yourself a cheeky little 15% discount! Enjoy!
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Note: You will need to enter the code 'SARAHNUNN' at the last step of the checkout (after the PayPal step) to get the discount. Code valid until 12th April 2014.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lady in Pink

RI leather jacket & tee
ZARA trousers
H&M bag
NEW LOOK shoes

I know what you're all thinking... A pink leather jacket, Sarah? Really? I know, I know, not exactly a sensible choice. But, being an avid leather jacket-wearer I'd recently decided it was time to invest in a new one, and when I spotted this pastel pink one on the River Island website I knew I had to have it. It gives that perfect balance between looking like a super cool biker chick, and looking like a marshmallow. And that's what everyone looks for in an outfit. Right?

Right. Anyway, I actually really like I this monochrome outfit on it's own. It's kinda sophisticated. Obviously throwing on a bubblegum biker jacket kind of lessens the sophistication - but that's how I roll. You might also notice that I've just had my hair done. The hairdresser always manages to make it look so shiny and pretty - but don't worry, I'm sure it'll all be ruined by tomorrow.

So what do you think of my ridiculous purchase? Is a pastel pink leather jacket something I can pull off? Or should I be digging out the receipt? 

Lots of love and stuff,


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