Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Holy Grail Products for Flawless Skin

1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

2. Real Techniques Buffing Brush

3. Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Stick

4. Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 facial wash & mask.

Up until this summer I always thought of myself as having dry, sensitive skin. Unlike a lot of people I have never really had a problem with spots and oily T-Zones, but suffering from dry, flaky patches and bad reactions to overly fragranced products instead. Over the years I've developed my own (albeit pretty basic) skin care routine that has served me well right up until the last couple of months. During the obscenely hot weather we've had this summer I have experienced a whole new variety of skin problems, including a lot of breakouts around my chin and cheeks, as well as excess oil giving me a shiny face throughout the day. Not a pretty sight, basically.

It's taken a bit of trial and error to combat my new skin issues, but I think I have finally found the perfect combination of products to create a flawless finish! I still have quite sensitive skin and so I didn't want to use any products that were too heavy, but I still wanted a face wash that would help tackle my breakouts. I bought this Neutrogena 2 in 1 jobby and I've used it every single day since. I've only used it as a mask a couple of times, but as a face wash it's perfect! It doesn't make my skin feel dry or tight like some of the other facial washes I tried did, and it's definitely helped my skin become visibly clear (see what I did there?) again. 

The face wash has definitely helped to combat the breakouts and excess oil that I'd been experiencing, but I still had a few stubborn spots around my chin that just weren't budging. However, since I bought this Blemish Stick from the Body Shop that is officially a thing of the past. This product has worked absolute wonders for my skin and I'm never ever going to be without it again. I actually lost it for a couple of days and had a major panic! I just dab it over any spots that crop up and they're gone within 24 hours, if not less!

Lastly, foundation. I've tried many a different foundation this summer but I've settled on the Rimmel Wake Me Up as my holy grail. Blended in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush gives me a perfect finish, without being too heavy. Everything I want in a foundation! Of course I apply a bit of concealer under the eyes and throughout the day I might lightly powder any shiny patches that appear. But other than that, these are my four holy grails for my current skin condition. I've been really happy with this routine lately and am so glad I've finally been able to tackle the issues I was having this summer. Now I'll just wait for the weather to change and no doubt a whole new bunch of skin problems will come with it!



Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Review: Benefit 'Rockateur' Blush

Hello darlings! Today I've got a little review for you of Benefit's newest boxed face powder, Rockateur. I snatched it up whilst it was on sale for a day on the Debenhams website but it's not available now until its release in September.

First of all, let me apologise for the mismatched pictures. I couldn't make my mind up where the best light was, so it's a bit all over the place. Oops. Anyway, this is my first of the Benefit boxed powders and I'm pretty impressed so far. There's been a little controversy floating around about this product because even though it was the same price as the other powders, it's actually half the size in weight. I know, I know, what a rip off. But I still fell for the hype and placed my purchase. 

It's described as a 'rose gold' colour and to be honest I was expecting it to be much more pink than it is. When I think of 'rose' I think of pink. Don't you? However, on the skin this blusher actually comes up quite coral, as you can see. It is a very pretty colour - it's just not what I was expecting! In terms on longevity, I've had no problems. I have fairly dry skin anyway so powder tends to cling to my face for dear life, so I've never had to reapply. 

I'm not a massive fan of the packaging, it's got a pretty pattern an' all but it's just cardboard at the end of the day so I'm sure it'll end up battered and bruised in no time. But it's not a huge problem. One thing I do find quite strange about this blush (I'm not sure if it's the same with Benefit's other boxed powders) is the smell! It has a really strange, not particularly pleasant, scent! It's not an issue once applied, but in the box it's not the nicest thing. 

So there you have my thoughts on Benefit's Rockatuer. I really like the colour (even if it wasn't what I was expecting) and it wears really well. I think I'll definitely keep my eye out for their other boxed blushes next time I'm at a Benefit counter. Will you be purchasing this one when it's finally released next month?



Friday, 16 August 2013

Autumn outfits inspiration!

I know, I know. Another Autumn post. I can't help it, okay? 
I decided to throw together a few little outfit ideas as a bit of Autumn inspiration for us all. I've comprised each outfit out of items of clothing I already own (or similar) as well as a few luxury pieces that I wish I owned, and if you read my last post then it'll come as no surprise that leather trews have made their way into the first outfit.

This time of year always sees burgundy, red, and dark purple begin to creep back into my wardrobe among the endless ocean of black. I like to mix things up a bit with different textures and statement accessories to liven things up a bit. Enjoy...
Autumn Inspiration #1

Tartan is sure to be print of choice this A/W and I've already seen a few pieces hit the rails recently. I'll be keeping it simple with a boyfriend shirt, muted down with black leather trousers and pointy flats. Unfortunately I won't be sporting a Mulberry Alexa this Autumn, but a girl can dream.

Autumn Inspiration #2

Of course the Joni jeans are going to be back in full force again once the weather cools down a bit. I might even treat myself to a dark blue pair as I love my others so much. There's nothing better in Autumn than a pair of skinny jeans with some chunky boots and a leather jacket. I tried this particular beauty on in Topshop recently and the fur collar was so unbelievably soft. It's worth buying just for that! Again, I've kept it simple colour-wise, but with a pop of burgundy in the necklace and bag. Burgundy is definitely my favourite colour this time of year, there's something warm and comforting about it. Does that make sense?

Autumn Inspiration #3

Hmm, can you see a pattern emerging here? First it was leather, then it was denim, now it's the riding pants. All the 'bottoms' I've chosen are pretty much identical in shape, just different materials! I find this shape is very flattering on me, and it gives a clean silhouette to start messing around with different styles on top. These riding pants are a perfect alternative to leggings if, like me, you find them a bit boring. Riding pants are thicker so they're great for cooler weather and even more importantly, your dignity is covered at all times! They're perfect paired with your favourite winter boots and a slouchy off the shoulder jumper with a pop of colour peaking through from a cami underneath. I also included a floppy hat and a Michael Kors watch because, why not?!

Well that's all my outfits for now. I hope you liked them! It was really fun putting them together so let me know if you like this sort of post because I definitely love making them!

Ciao for now!


Monday, 12 August 2013

Current Obsessions: Leather trousers

(All images found on Pinterest)

Autumn is just around the corner and I don't know if you can tell but I'm getting just a tad excited about the whole thing. As much as I love summer, with the warm weather and the light evenings, there's always so much to look forward to when Autumn comes around. I was browsing River Island the other day came across a rail of their new collection. I fell in love with a thin, oversized jumper and I've mentally been planning outfits with it ever since I saw it, most of which include a pair of leather trousers!  

I got this idea in my head and immediately took to Pinterest for more inspiration. I absolutely love how they look paired with loose jumpers, boyfriend shirts, classy coats and blazers, heels, ankle boots, the list goes on. They're so much more interesting and fun than regular leggings or jeans, but they're still versatile as hell! Although it's a trend I've admired, I never really jumped on the disco pants bandwagon, but I think these leather leggings and trousers are a great kind of 'grown up' alternative to the trend. Not quite as shiny, if you catch my drift. 

What do you guys think of this trend? I don't know about you, but whenever I hear the words leather trousers I get a mental image of Ross from Friends covered in what can only be described as 'paste pants'. I'm not sure anyone can rock the look as well as he did, but we can always try. Right?

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Outfit | Is it Autumn yet?

(Bag, H&M. Blazer, Topshop. Top, Topshop. Jeans, Topshop. Boots, eBay. Beanie, Topshop. Lips, Rimmel Apocalips 'Stellar'. Grumpy face, all mine.)

Whoops another outfit comprised almost entirely of Topshop. What can I say? I kinda like the place. Anyway, is it just me who's totally ready for Autumn now? I posted a little peak into Primark's A/W collection (which you can read here) and it got me all excited for the colder weather! I just love jackets.. and boots.. and dark colours. I can't help it.

This outfit is pretty much my A/W staple. Jeans, ankle boots, a jacket (NOT leather today?!?) and a beanie hat. Okay so I was only really wearing the beanie hat because it was raining, but I think it works, and the sheer floral top is so pretty, brightens the whole thing up a bit and - dare I say - gives it a pop of colour. To complete the whole thing I grabbed my new (very beautiful) bag from H&M. It's kind of a dupe for the Zara City Bag I think, only it doesn't have all the compartments. Either way, I love it and it'll be perfect for lugging my books around when I go back to uni next month. 

If there's one thing I definitely need to add to my wardrobe this A/W it's a pair of brogues. In the colder months I find it difficult to stray away from my trusty boots, but I think the perfect pair of brogues would be a very cool alternative. What are you gonna be rocking this Autumn?    


Monday, 5 August 2013

Outfit | Cold shoulders and leather shorts

(Top, New Look. Shorts, Topshop. Shoes, tReds. Bag, Primark. Hat, Missguided. Necklace, Primark. Belt, Topshop.)

I have been making a solid effort to wear heels more lately. I really love high heels but a lot of my friends are significantly shorter than myself and hardly any of them enjoy wearing heels either so it's not very often I get to indulge in this particular activity, which can be very upsetting. However, I've not been letting anyone hold me back recently and I've been reaching for my higher shoes on several occasions, hooray!

This time I've donned my wonderful Jeffers dupes from tReds that I got for a mere five pounds (yes, you read that correctly) and paired them with a basic black and white outfit and my super cool gangster hat from Missguided. I didn't think I'd like the cold shoulder trend that hit the streets a few months ago, but when I noticed this top in the New Look sale for £3 I thought, 'why not?', and I'm pretty happy with my decision so far. It's the perfect slouchy top to wear on warmer days like this one with shorts and fun accessories, and it looks just as good paired with black jeans and a leather jacket in cooler weather, too. 

I've seen a lot of pictures on my Facebook recently of people at the races, all dressed up in their fancy get up and OTT hats. It's making me extremely jealous as I haven't had any weddings to go to this summer so I've had ZERO excuses to get all glammed up in fabulous attire. Will one of you please just get married so I can buy a new dress?!  


Friday, 2 August 2013

July Favourites!

I've been absolutely obsessing over 'favourites' videos on YouTube recently. I rarely used to bother with this sort of post but I've definitely been getting into the swing of it for the past couple of months. I just love seeing what everyone's been loving over the last 30 days and it's a post I've started to really enjoy writing as well. Seeing as I don't know much about beauty, I like to mix it up a bit and throw a few other bits and bobs into the equation, too... 

001. I don't know what these damn things are called. I recently bought this body scrubber / pouffy thingy from boots because they're so good! I used to have one but I think it unraveled and then I just forgot about it, I'm very glad to have one back in my life now though.

002. Benefit 'Pore-fessional' I actually got this itty bitty tube of 'Pore-fessional' ages ago but never got around to trying it. I have been having a nightmare with my skin in the hot weather so I've been paying special attention to skin care and primers (etc) this month. I love this little primer and am seriously considering buying the full sized version. 

003. Revlon lip butters of course! I recently reviewed my three shades (Wild Watermelon, Sorbet and Tutti Frutti) and I'm still a huge fan. My other lipsticks haven't been getting a look in this month!     

004. This Topshop tan bag is an old favourite of mine. I think I bought it last summer and I have recently rediscovered it. It's pretty small and barely fits my purse in it yet alone anything else, but I've still been carrying it everywhere with me! I do like tan accessories in the summer time.

005. Real Techniques Blush Brush. I often feature a Real Techniques brush in my monthly favourites, and this month it's not different! This is the first one I own from the pink category and it might be becoming my favourite of them all! It's really big and really soft which I love! It's perfect for powder blushes but I'm still using my contour brush for cream blushes, as it's a little more dense.

006. Fanta really speaks for itself doesn't it? It's been a staple in my fridge since the warm weather arrived, it's refreshing and citrusy. Perfect.

007. Peach Body Butter from the Body Shop, of course. Peach is one of my favourite scents in general and they have a 50% off deal due to the body butters celebrating their 21st Birthday and so I treated myself to this one and my Mum to the Moringa flavour. Yum!

008. Herbal Essences 'Beautiful Ends' mask. I'm always on the hunt for a lovely new hair mask. I tend to look for ones that help dry or damaged hair as I think they give my hair the most nourishment. This herbal essences one was cheap as chips and smells delicious, not to mention it makes my hair feel like a freakin' cloud. I'm definitely going to try some more of their masks once I've used this one up!

Favourite song: Will.I.Am 'Bang Bang'

Favourite YT video: Absolutely every single video Essie Button has ever uploaded. I've only recently discovered her but man, she's right up my street. Not only does she have an amazing eye for beauty but she has a lovely personality and she's SO funny! Plus I love her and Aslan's vlogs. 

Favourite app: HAY DAY. Oh my God I'm addicted to my farm!

That's all for this month, people! Leave me links to your July Favourites posts!

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