Friday, 12 July 2013

Colours of the Rainbow - Tag!

Hello and welcome to my very first tag! I've really enjoyed watching and reading other people's version of this post lately and so I decided to give it a whirl myself. I've bent the rules a bit because I just couldn't for the life of me find a beauty product that's indigo. I mean what even is indigo?! Well, anyway, I threw that idea out of the window and just used pink instead. I know some people have been using all the colours of the rainbow and pink and multi coloured items but I thought that all seemed like too much effort and so I've thrown my own lazy twist on the tag. I hope you can forgive me... and enjoy the post!

Red: Revlon Lip Butter 'Wild Watermelon'. For the red category it was obviously going to be a lipstick really, wasn't it? It was a difficult decision but I managed to narrow it down to one product, the Revlon lip butter. I have only just discovered these for some reason but they're definitely becoming my go-to summer lipstick. All the colours are gorgeous but I'm particularly fond of this sheer red one!  

Orange: Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' Foundation. I've been pretty impressed with this foundation I must say. When I first bought it I was a little concerned about the whole shimmer situation but it really hasn't been a problem. Anyway, the lid was orange and it seemed like an obvious choice!

Yellow: Topshop nail varnish 'Bees Knees'. I've been going on and on about this nail varnish all summer. It's a really lovely summery colour and looks really great when used with a matte finish top coat. Lovin' it!

Green: Err, so I kinda cheated with this one. Soap and Glory 'Sugar Crush' body scrub. So the tub is kinda pink. But it smells like limes (limes are green) and there's a bit of green on the labels. Plus the product is kinda green, too. Kinda. Anyway I won't go on about this particular body scrub because I know you've all heard about it a million times. But it really does smell amazing. 

Blue: My hairdresser recommended this to me and I've been impressed with it so far. Redken 'anti snap' leave-in treatment. As you all know I'm trying to grow my hair so anything that gives it extra condition and stops my ends splitting is a total winner for me. And it's blue!

Pink: My Original Tangle Teezer. I think I've spoken about this on many a blog post so you know how much I love it. Pink was actually a pretty difficult category as well but this time it was because I have too many favourite pink products! I narrowed it down to a few and eventually settled on the tangle teezer. It's a great product and a great colour.

Violet: For the violet category I've chosen my Real Techniques Shading Brush. Real Techniques are such an awesome brand and I can't get enough of their brushes at the moment. I thought about getting the eye starter kit that came with about four different eye brushes but I settled for just the shading one in the end, which was probably the right decision! It's a great brush, and it's also a great colour!

So there you have it! My 'Colours of the Rainbow' tag! I'm not going to tag any individual bloggers because I never know who has already done which tags and who doesn't like them, etc. But if you do happen to be inspired by the Colours of the Rainbow from this post and want to do your own then please leave me the link in the comments as I'd love to read it!

Hope you enjoyed this post... Let me know if there's any more tag posts floating around the bloggersphere that you'd like to see me do!



  1. Love that you just abandoned the whole indigo violet sitch haha! I am seriously dying to try the Anti Snap treatment, my hair seems to fall out all the time so I hope this will help xx

    Gemma ♥ | MissMakeupMagpie

  2. really like this tag, I can't wait to get my hands on a tangle tezzer


  3. love the idea of this post, i wanna try it! don't know if i have anything blue though! x

  4. I love tangle teezers! You should do the 'this or that' tag as it is really fun! I did it here. xxx

  5. I've seen loads of these tags on youtube, but I like how you've done it as a blog post! I wanted to do this tag, but wasn't so sure about uploading to YouTube just yet, so I might just do it on my blog too. Love your choices!



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