Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer inspiration wishlist

June Wishlist

I've had one of those lazy days today where you run a few errands in the morning and spend the rest of the day pottering around the house and garden. I like these days but they almost always end up with me browsing the internet for clothes that I can't afford. However, I find making little wishlists like this distracts me from actually buying the items, so I can enjoy the prettiness without breaking the bank balance. Good compromise? I guess not. Hopefully they'll end up in my wardrobe at some point in the future, but maybe not today.

I think my favourite item on the list is the floral midi skirt from Urban Outfitters. I really want a skirt like this to wear on holiday with a floppy hat, or just to stroll around the shops in with crop tops and flip flops (...that rhymed). I've included a couple of basic tops as well on the list because I always find myself buying loads of bottoms and then not having enough different tops to pair with them. I realise the cardigan is a bit unseasonal, but the weather in England is temperamental at the best of times, and I always need something cosy to keep off the chill in the summer evenings anyway! 

To my otherwise quote monochrome wish list, I've added a couple of colour-pop accessories. I've been going on about Topshop's lipstick 'Screen Siren' a bit recently, but I can't help it. It looks so lovely but they don't seem to stock it in my local store, booo! The pastel Litas are the Jeffers that made it to the list. I'm always wishing for some kind of JCs whether that be the Litas, Foxy platforms, Coltranes, etc - but somehow my shoe collection is still void of any. Ah, the life of a poor student! 



  1. Great picks!.. We have some stock on it's way that will fit in with them quite nicely!

    Team Bijoux Bazaar

  2. Aww love your picks!

  3. you chosen some great things, I love the tassel top! :) x

  4. Those shorts are gorgeous!
    Alex from These Folk x x

  5. ok i want that floral skirt SO BADLY! i love all these picks xx

  6. I love that black fringed crop top - would love to have something like that for my holidays :)

    Holly Mixtures

  7. The lipstick looks stunning, going to look out for that next time in topshop!
    I feel your pain of being a poor student.. so many beautiful things in the shops at the moement its torture :)

  8. I love that top so much! would be great with some ripped denim shorts!
    much love
    Natasha x


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